july 8 - september 9

asprey jacques presents its first international group show: Lemon Tree Hill. The title is taken from British artist Simon Henwood's animation, Johnny Pumpkin, to be broadcast by BSKYB later this year. Henwood describes Lemon Tree Hill as a high range of grassy knolls with blue and cream striped lemon trees. However unknown to approaching visitors, the trees bear poisonous fruit. From what appears to be at first an ideal landscape unfolds a menacing reality; the premise for this exhibition.

David Dupuis' colour pencil drawings present a multicoloured world where strange biomorphic shapes float in a surreal cosmos of light and vapour. Justine Kurland's photographs fuse reality with unreality, presenting staged scenes of teenage girls'
fantasies such as boy torture. Paul Morrison's black and white cartoon-like landscapes depict a fictional world, yet are firmly rooted in reality by way of botanical accuracy. Austrian artists Markus Muntean & Adi Rosenblum paint images from fashion magazines such as urban youths. Accompanying text underneath the image suggests an isolated and dysfunctional world. Recent Royal College graduate Ian Kiaer's new sculpture refers to the French 18th century architect Ledoux, whose proposal for an ideal city includes a building in the form of a complete sphere set in a pastoral landscape. New bronze sculptures from Anya Gallaccio mark a departure from her previous work in which she often included ephemeral material. Tania Kovats, who is well known for her sculptures of utopian landscape, will exhibit Route, a new work based on an ideal pathway through a mountain.

for further information please contact Deirdre Kelly on 020-7287-7675

gallery hours: tuesday to friday 10 - 6, saturday 11 - 5
August: tuesday to friday 10 - 5 only

next exhibition: september 9 - october 21: Polaroids (1969 -1974) by Robert Mapplethorpe with new work by Saul Fletcher and Nobuyoshi Araki

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