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Assembly', published by sponsors Eric Drossart, Michel Neeus and Katie Robyns, London; texts by Beth Mears, Dan Fox, Henry Ward, John Hutnyk, Nicky Coutts, Jemima Montagu and Vanda Playford.
  'British Art Part 1 Installations', published by Volker Diehl and
Rilana Vorderwuelbecke, Berlin; text by Max Andrews
  'Everyday Images Every Day', published by Rogaland Kunstnersenter, Norway; text and curated by Marit Aanestad, Roar Houen and Solveig Landa
  'Borderline Syndrome Energies of Defence', published by CIP, Ljubljana; edited by Igor Zabel with texts by Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, Måria Hlavajovåand Kathrin Rhomberg
1999 'new contemporaries', published by New Contemporaries (1998) Ltd.,
edited by Bev Bytheway, Forward by Sacha Craddock
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