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2001 Counter, published by AVCO, London; text by Malcolm Quinn
The Language of Things, published by Kettles Yard, Cambridge, UK; preface by Michael Harrison, text by Ian Jeffrey
1999 'It Only Takes a Minute, (to reach a natural high)', Norrt³lje Konsthall, Sweden don
'From Within', essays by Paolo Cecchetto & Marina Wallace, published by Juliet Editrice
1998 'Here to Stay', text by Susan May (ISBN 1 85 332 1850), Arts Council Published
1997 'Sensation - Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection' essays by Norman Rosenthal, Lisa Jardine, Martin Maloney and Richard Shone, published by The Royal Academy of Arts in association with Thames and Hudson (ISBN 1 873 50 01)
1996 'Plastic' essay by Neil Cummings, published by Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol in conjunction with Richard Salmon Gallery, London (ISBN 1873 5001)
1995 'My Darling Ciccolina' printed by Filef, London
'Now Wash Your Hands' essay by Josephine Lanyon and Rebecca Fortnum. Printed by Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (ISBN 0302 00648 6)
1994 'Shark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s' essays by Sarah Kent, published by Zwemmers (ISBN 0302 00648 6)
'Some Went Mad, Some Ran Away' essay by Richard Shone published by Serpentine Gallery, London (ISBN 1 8 70814 81 9)
1993 'Royal Academy Illustrated Catalogue (Highlights of Summer Exhibition)' published by The Royal Academy of Arts, London
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