january 19 - march 3
asprey jacques presents London's first solo show of Swiss artist Costa Vece.

Born in Herisau, Switzerland (1969), Costa Vece has exhibited internationally including the Venice Biennale (1999) and the Kunsthaus Zurich (1998). Forthcoming exhibitions include 'Squatters' at the Witte de With, Rotterdam and Museu de Serralves, Porto (2001).

Costa Vece's work deals with issues such as price and value. The artist is interested in adopting devices that can be employed to create an effect, rather than constructing a realistic environment. At the Venice Biennale in 1999, Vece exhibited 'Videolounge', a space constructed out of cardboard boxes in which numerous monitors displayed images of explosions. In a more recent work, 'Bomb No. 5'; Vece filled a gallery with a tent, jammed with found objects and materials. Cans, crates and all kinds of military paraphernalia evoked wartime scenarios, while small monitors transmitted images of countdowns and other visual signals taken from Hollywood war films. Vece creates enclosed environments that the viewer can enter into and interact with. These installations often incorporate found materials, hidden sounds, video screens and computer games.

For his show in London, Vece will work on-site for two weeks. He will be gathering materials from around the city, bringing them to the gallery, to create work in direct opposition to the clean elegant Mayfair space that visitors normally encounter.

For further information please contact Deirdre Kelly on 020 7287 7675
Gallery hours: tuesday to friday 10 - 6, saturday 10 - 1

Art fairs:
ARCO, Madrid, February 14 - 19, stand #UK09
The Armory Show, New York, February 22 - 26, stand #228

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